About the Authors - short bios on John R. and Janet M. Dann



John R. Dann was raised on the family homestead in South Dakota during the Dust Bowl and the great depression. He served in World War II, in the Navy. With a Ph.D., in organic chemistry and biochemistry, he did research for a world-renowned laboratory. He and his wife Barbara retired to an island off the coast of Washington where he pursued his lifelong interests in science, creative writing, and international folk dancing. John was the author of The Good Neighbors and five other books, Including, Irina, written with his daughter Janet. John Dann passed away in 2009.

Janet Dann is the co-author of Irina, and author of Debts and Vengeance, the third volume in the The Good Neighbors trilogy. Janet was born in upstate New York, and spent many summer vacations with her family visiting their relatives back on the farm in southeastern South Dakota. She also spent a year in VISTA on the Standing Rock Reservation in north central South Dakota. Janet has a BA in Anthropology from NYU, and a BS in Nursing from Alaska Methodist University. She is currently retired and with her husband, Tsolo, traveled the country for nine years in an RV; they are now living on San Juan Island in Washington state. Her current interests are writing, watercolor painting, and astrology.


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